Month: February 2012

Extra Goodies!

 - by ladena


Life just wouldn’t be wonderful if we didn’t get some kind of a treat now and then! The same goes for our furry buds! I’m not sure about you but when I eat a treat I want it to be wonderful! HA! I’ve found some wonderful treats for our pups, and my definition of wonderful is healthy, natural, functional, and of course NUM NUM!

1. Bully Sticks- 100% digestible’

2. Kongs- I have two dogs and eight Kongs. Visit my Kong Blog to find out more about using these great toys!

3. Dehydrated Digestibles- Mix of fruit and vegetable flips that are similar in chewability to rawhide without the rawhide yuck.


Thanks for dropping by!

 - by ladena


I'm Feeling It!

Hi..thanks for dropping by! We aren’t open yet but feel free to come in and wander around! Hopefully you’ll get an idea of what your neighborhood pet supply cooperative is going to look like when it is finished and support us this spring.

You can drop Ladena an email at if you have questions or want to get on the sign-up list. We’re only be able to accept a limited amount of members this spring so get your name on the list early if you want to join.

This year we plan to discontinue our seasonal model and go year-round! Yippee! We are also offering many more products than in the past including bagged and raw dog food…that deserves a WOW and a YIPPEE!!

Our model remains the same and is as simple as ever. We pool our money to buy quality products we all need for our pets and we all save money….and we keep our money local. Purchasing through Park City Pups not only saves you money and gets the best of the best for your beloved fur buddies, but it supports local labor, local suppliers, and you have the option to support local charities.

Thanks again for dropping by! Please be patient as we continue to build our new site for our planned opening April 2012!


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